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Glow Up Season 2 Is Even Better Than the First, All Thanks to Its Amazing Cast of MUAs

Pop Sugar 2020-08-19 23:35:03

Season two of Glow Up dropped on Netflix on Aug. 14 and as someone who's already binge-watched all eight episodes, I can confidently declare it's even better than the first.

In the reality competition, we're introduced to 10 new makeup artists from around Britain who aspire to become the next big makeup star. As they compete in various challenges, take part in editorial photoshoots, and even assist backstage at Fashion Week, their creativity is pushed to the limits and their makeup skills are tested. Each contestant is scrutinized and critiqued by two of Britain's most well-respected makeup artists in the industry: Val Garland, L'Oréal Paris global makeup director, and Dominic Skinner, global senior artist for MAC Cosmetic.

As the artists create makeup looks to fit different briefs and professional assignments, they work with traditional products, as well as body paints, prosthetics, and other totally out-there materials (like corks, aluminum foil, and ping-pong balls) — all to hopefully earn a "well done" from Skinner and a coveted "ding dong!" from Garland.

The makeup looks produced on the show are nothing short of amazing, but you can find even more inspiring creations on each of the artist's Instagram pages. Get a closer look at the Glow Up season two cast and where you can find them on Instagram, ahead.