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These Dogs Like To Look At Their Neighborhood Through A Hole In A Fence, So Their Owners Put Up Posters To Make Their Neighbors Laugh

Bored Panda 2020-08-19 22:15:20

There are families all over the world that are stuck together during this quarantine. They are coming up with all kinds of ideas to keep busy so they won’t rip each other’s heads off. Brian Stanley came up with a fun project for him, his kids, dogs, and surprisingly, even his whole neighborhood.

His dogs’ names are Ripley and Burger King and they have a fun hobby of staring at their neighbors through a hole in their fence. So Brian decided to create pop culture cardboard posters around the cutout so that when his dogs poked their heads through the fence, the images would come to life and brighten up the neighborhood.

The Dog with the Bone Earring

“The whole thing started last August when Burger was just a few months old and started digging under the fence so that he could look at people going by. To solve this, I cut a hole in the fence to act as a window for him. He immediately started using the window and stopped digging.”

The Bark

“Fast forward to this March and the COVID shutdown. I found myself out of work and my son home from school. The two of us noticed an increase in foot and bike traffic on the street side of the fence. I came up with the idea to paint a dog-themed painting to frame the window, which would be brought to life when Burger stuck his head through the fence. My son helped match colors, paint, and hang ‘The Bark’ which was our version of the famous ‘The Scream’ painting. In the beginning, we just thought it would brighten the day in the neighborhood and hopefully bring a few smiles to people’s faces. There was an immediate positive response to it. My son and I have no plans to stop putting up new paintings and have enough ideas to keep doing this for years,” Brian told Bored Panda.


Jurassic Bark

I want you for fetch, nearest backyard


Making of the Dog with the Bone Earring

Behind the scenes

Ripley and Burger

What do you think of this fun idea? Would you like these adorable puppers around in your neighborhood? Tell us in the comments and go show some love to this fun family.