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28 Examples How Not To Design Things

Barnorama 2020-08-19 17:56:22

“I accidentally pressed the stop button on the bus several times because it’s the same height as my leg..”

“My Mario themed bath bomb makes it look like I’m bathing in piss.”

“The display doesn’t indicate which tire is which. And according to the manual the numbers are displayed randomly each time you drive.”

“The black one is salt, the white one is pepper.”

“When I put game cards in my game card case it can’t be closed anymore.”

“This chocolate you can’t properly break.”

”Let’s put the logos behind the buttons”

“Welcome to “The Cut” Forest Recreation Area.”

“The people wearing masks look like monsters in this.”

“Bike lane in Belgium.”

“Why not just make the fin the A in both words?”

“Great for kids!”