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Big statement of wife Manyata regarding Sanjay's health, said- do not guess the stage of illness

The India Print 2020-08-19 17:41:26

Mumbai. Bollywood actors are fighting a battle against lung cancer these days. It was reported by the actor himself on social media. Hearing this, the family and the film industry have been shocked, Sanjay is currently undergoing treatment at Kokilaben Hospital. Sanjay's wife Manyata, who was earlier in Dubai, immediately returned to hear this. Manyata had shared the post earlier and thanked the fans. Recently Manyata has given a statement about Sanjay's health. Manyata appealed to the fans not to speculate about the stage of Sanjay's illness.

Manyata said to the fans, I thank all of you heartily for loving and loving Sanju for so many years. Sanju has seen many ups and downs in his life. But your love and support has helped them overcome these. Now, for the situation we are in, your love is also very much needed.

Manyata said that unfortunately in this difficult time I cannot stand with them in the hospital due to home quarantine but they are going to end in a few days. In every battle there is someone carrying a torch and looking after the fort. Priya has worked extensively with the Cancer Foundation run by our family for over two decades. Priya has also seen her mother struggling with the disease. They are holding our torch while I will handle the fort.

Manyata further said, "For those who are constantly asking, I would like to tell that Sanju will get his initial treatment in Mumbai only. We will make further plans when the situation in Corona returns to normal. Sanju is currently in Kokilaben Hospital. I request everyone with folded hands not to speculate about the stage of Sanju's illness. Let the doctors do their work. We will keep you constantly updated about the improvement in their health. Sanju is not just my husband and father of our children but he is the same father to Anju and Priya after the departure of father Sunil and mother Nargis. He is the heart and soul of our family.