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TMC MP questions Facebook inaction on provocative posts

The India Print 2020-08-19 10:42:15

Kolkata. The Trinamool Congress on Tuesday questioned whether Facebook was aware of its Indian branch's alleged inaction against certain inflammatory posts. Party spokesperson Mahua Moitra claimed that the hate-filled (Facebook) post was the cause of many lives and property damage in India in the last three years and incidents such as loot, arson and communal violence. He posted a video on social media asking, "They work with governments and authorities around the world to reduce fake content and inflammatory posts, but what were they doing in India, especially in this case?" 

Earlier, the Congress and the CPI (M) had sought an inquiry from the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) in view of the allegations on Facebook. Significantly, the whole controversy started after a news published by the American newspaper 'Wall Street Journal ' on Friday. It claimed quoting anonymous Facebook sources that Facebook's senior Indian policy officer had intervened in an internal letter to stop a permanent ban on a BJP MLA from Telangana for allegedly posting posts containing communal allegations.