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No Risk Of Corona Infection Once Your Body Develops Antibodies, Confirms the Scientist For The First Time

Policenama English 2020-08-19 09:14:03

New Delhi : People who developed antibodies in the body after corona infection are not at risk of re-infection. Scientists have confirmed this for the first time. Till now different claims had been made on this issue. However, how long these antibodies will work is still unclear.

According to a report published, the team of researcher Alexander Grenninger of the University of Washington’s School of Medicine confirmed the claim after examining the crew members of a US fishing ship.

According to research, out of the 122 crew members aboard the ship, 120 were tested for corona before its departure. All of these tests were negative. There were three crew members in which corona antibodies were found and activity of neutralizing coronavirus was found in them. That is, they were already cured of being infected with the corona, but later the corona spread in this ship. When the ship returned after about 18 days, 104 of these people got corona test positive.

Corona’s attack rate recorded at 85.2 percent
Researchers said the corona’s attack rate in the ship was recorded at 85.2 percent. Probably two people who were not tested, spread the corona to others. This widespread attack rate did not cause corona infections to the three crew members who already had antibodies. No slight corona symptoms were found in them. People from the ship were studied for about 32 days, out of which tests of some others also turned positive later.

The Mad Rexiv Journal published the entire research
The Mad Raxive Journal has published this entire research. It has also claimed that this is the first evidence, which has found that antibodies present in the blood are effective in preventing re-infection. However, he said further research needs to be done on this. Researchers said that the main reason for preventing disease at an attack rate of 85 percent is to provide protection against antibodies.

Although protection of antibodies (IgG) lasts longer in the event of this type of infection, how long it will remain in the case of corona is still unclear. Follow-up research on people who have antibodies in their body, will be known in the coming time.

Research in many countries including India
After the confirmation of antibodies not creating risk of re-infection, it will be possible to use antibodies to make vaccines. Research is going on in many countries including India. Artificial antibodies are made in the lab by people who have developed antibodies made after severe infection, which are then used to make vaccines.