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Did Fortnite make Apple uncool?

Adage India 2020-08-18 20:48:42

“Epic clearly thought this through,” says Patrick Hanlon, CEO of brand consultancy Thinktopia. “They are trying to display as much value as they can to their fans and zealots, hoping they will raise a ruckus and free Fortnite.” 

Still, not everyone understood the meaning behind Fortnite’s commercial. Karen Gebhart, a senior VP and management director at FCB/RED, says her 12-year-old Gavin saw Fortnite’s ad twice and didn’t know it was a remake of a famous commercial. “Gavin gets that Apple is banning Fortnite, but doesn’t know what he is supposed to do to help prevent that from happening,” says Gebhart. “He says he’ll play Fortnite on Xbox or Nintendo Switch if the game isn’t available on Apple.” 

“But seeing the commercial did make him want to play Fortnite,” she added.

Meanwhile, Apple responded to Epic by saying it won’t change its fees, adding that it’s trying to keep its App Store fair for all developers. That was “a very corporate answer,” says Brandon Rochon, chief creative office and CEO of Kastner North America. 

“They absolutely made Apple look uncool,” says Rochon. “[Epic] came out like hackers and used their own stuff against them.”

He adds: "When you have fanfare and true culture like Fortnite has, people will rebel. Fortnite will always have the people on its side because Apple has become the very thing it said it wouldn’t.”