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Former McDonalds CEO urges court to dismiss lawsuit filed against him

The India Print 2020-08-18 16:18:31

Chicago. Macdonald 's former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Stephen Easterbrook has urged the court to dismiss the lawsuit filed against him on behalf of the company. Chicago's McDonald's filed a lawsuit last week against its former CEO, seeking to return millions of dollars given to him as compensation. The company removed Easterbrook from the position in November last year. He had admitted to non-physical relationships, sharing videos and messages with his employee by mutual consent. This was confirmed by his mobile. Macdonald's, however, said he received a second investigation last month after receiving information. It was stated in the information that Easterbrook had a physical relationship with another employee.

According to the company, he later found out that the former CEO had sexual relations with three employees and destroyed the evidence. The McDonald's Board of Directors says they would not have been compensated if they had this information at the time of Easterbrook's removal. Eastbrook was allowed to hold more than $ 4.2 million share-based profit. In Delaware Chancery court Easterbrook said that Macdonald is attempting to get out of his agreement improperly after nine months. He urged the court to dismiss the case. He also appealed to have the case heard in Illinois. Macdonald rejected Easterbrook's pleas.