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Chhannulal Mishra remembered Pandit Jasraj, said - he will always be in the memory of Kashi and Sankatmochan temple

The India Print 2020-08-18 16:10:46

New Delhi. The city of art, Kashi, has a deep connection with the melody, and the melodious notes of Pandit Jasraj will always resonate in the litigants and corridors of the Sankatmochan temple, according to Padmavibhushan classical singer Pandit Chhannulal Mishra. Pandit Jasraj died of a heart attack at the age of 90 at his residence in New Jersey, USA yesterday morning. Pandit Jasraj's love from Varanasi was not hidden from anyone and he made his last presentation for the Sankatmochan temple on Hanuman Jayanti in April via Facebook Live. Mishra, the great classical singer of the grocery house, told Varanasi, "He was such a classy artist but his ego was not even touched." Many times, he used to come to the Sankatmochan temple and would sit and sing songs without any accompaniment. 

He said, "His contributions to classical music are incomparable. He was great to sing but his words were also very good composed. Some singers use the words Apabhransh but he never used to. "He said," His music was on the path of devotion and was a great devotee of Hanuman. This is the reason why people are also popular. Kashi and Sankat Mochan will always be remembered. "Recalling his experience with Pandit Jasraj, he said," He was eight years older than us and we respected him very much. Once I came to Kashi, I was singing in Sankat Mochan temple. I sang four five ragas and when it was finished, he came up and said that now we have to sing blessings. ''

Mishra said, "We said, oh brother, you are older than us." What blessings you can bestow. It said that you remember a lot of things and if you sing a lot, we greet you. "This shows what kind of artist he was." Similarly, we shared the stage at an event in Mumbai years ago. He was sitting in front of us listening to our song. Then suddenly he said 'Kewat ki dialogue' and heard and wept. Said how well you sing. '' 

Mishra said, "We also liked all his hymns but 'Mata Kalika' is especially our special favorite. He was our song 'Jai Hanuman Pawan Kumar, Krhun kapeesh pleased Hanuman' very dear and always used to say to tell. ''  He said that art honoring the world, and artists he was very happy. He said that when we got Padmavibhushan this year, he was very happy and told my son (famous tabla player Ramkumar Mishra) that your father and we are now equal. We are also Padmavibhushan and this too.