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WHO warns, covid-19 is spreading rapidly in this country of 1.9 billion population

The India Print 2020-08-18 16:08:19

Jakarta  The World Health Organization (DUHO) said that the Western Pacific region — a vast region inhabited by about 1.9 billion population — has entered a new phase of the covid-19 epidemic. The World Organization called on regional governments to encourage precautionary measures at the behavioral level to protect the health of communities. Dr. Takeshi Butcher, WHO's regional director for the Western Pacific, said, "This is the stage in which governments will have to face the challenge of permanently multiplying the transition manifold."

He said governments needed to adopt an early-directed response policy to combat the epidemic, improve health services, and encourage healthier habits (wearing masks, washing hands) to become common in new situations to prevent the spread of infection Can go Butcher said, "Such an initiative will be effective and the impact on the social and economic level will be minimal." WHO warned the countries of the region - including Australia, the Philippine and Japan - where people under 40 years of age Are falling prey to the virus. Butcher said, "Many people with or without mild symptoms are unaware that they are infected." As a result, they will inadvertently infect others.