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Strong earthquake in central Philippines, many houses damaged; Road crack

The India Print 2020-08-18 16:07:40

Manila A family was trapped in a house collapsed by the intense earthquake that struck Tuesday in central Philippine , while several other houses, low-altitude buildings and the harbor have been damaged and people had to move out of homes for safety. According to Masbate Provincial Administrator Reno Revallo, early photographs surfaced after the earthquake have seen cracks in roads and bridges in Katiegne. Isageni Libaton, a resident of Katigen, said that he was going to a relative's residence for breakfast when his motorcycle was bent to the left due to vibration in the earth. He told the Associate Press via telephone, "I thought it was due to the wheel, but suddenly the terrified people started coming out of the house and the electricity went out." Libatan said that after this shock there was another shock which Was quite fast.

Revalo told a channel called ABS-CBN Network that a three-story building in Katigen has collapsed and trapped a retired police officer and his family. Rescue workers are trying to evacuate them. "People should avoid returning to the damaged houses immediately," he said. The Philippine Volcanoes and Earthquake Institute reported that the quake was 6.6 in magnitude and 21 kilometers below the surface, five kilometers from Katieghen. Renato Solidum, the head of this government organization, said that the earthquake did not pose a tsunami threat. Earthquake tremors were also felt in several provinces of Central Visayas.