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Before the election, Michelle Obama targeted Donald Trump, saying "He is the wrong president for our country".

The India Print 2020-08-18 16:07:12

New York. Former US First Lady Michelle Obama , while addressing the inaugural session of the Democratic Party's National Conference (DNC) to formally nominate a party candidate for the upcoming presidential election, said Donald Trump was "the wrong president for our country." Are those who have created difficult situations. It is noteworthy that the party's four-day conference was proposed in Wisconsin, but due to the situation caused by Kovid-19, it started on digital medium on Monday. The convention will formally nominate 55-year-old Senator Kamala Harris as the Vice Presidential candidate. She will be the first woman of Asian-African descent to be nominated for the post by a major party in the US.

Mitchell said, "I am as honest and clear as possible that Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country. He got the opportunity several times to prove that he could work, but he kept confusing problems. They cannot fulfill the existing norms. Not the person we need. That is the fact. "He said in his message that you might not have heard from some people that" we are living in a country that is divided and I am a black woman addressing the convention of the Democratic Party.

Mitchell warns Americans who believe that this will probably not create a worse situation. He said, "Trust me and it should be done, if they do not change this election then the situation will get worse. If there is any hope of ending this anarchy, we will have to vote for Joe Biden because it depends on our lives. The candidate will face Donald Trump. Mitchell said that in the presidential election held four years ago, many people believed that their votes had no effect or that they were upset with this arrangement. He said, "Whatever be the reason, the one he chose for the Oval Office lost by nearly 3 million national popular votes and we are facing its impact."