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UN chief said, human rights of terrorism victims can be upheld

The India Print 2020-08-18 16:04:47

United Nations. UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutarais said that the effects of terrorism can last for victims and the international community can help them by ensuring truth, justice and reform, raising their voices and upholding their human rights. In a message for the 'International Day of Remembering of Tributes to the Victims of Terrorism', Gutareis said that the United Nations stands in solidarity with those still struggling with the mental and physical wounds of terrorist atrocities. 'International Day of Remembrance of Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism' will be celebrated for the third time this Friday. 

"The impact of terrorism on victims can last a lifetime and its suffering can be felt for generations," Gutarais said on Monday. The traumatic memories cannot be erased, but we can help the victims by raising their voice and upholding their human rights, while ensuring truth, justice and correction for the victims. "The Secretary-General said that Kovid-19The whole world will celebrate this day amidst the ongoing struggle against He said, "The Kovid-19 crisis has changed the way we live and the way people interact." Important services for victims, such as the criminal justice process and psychosocial support, have been interrupted, pending, or terminated. All the attention and resources of governments are focused on tackling the global pandemic. "According to data from the World Health Organization, there are more than 21.5 million cases of Kovid-19 worldwide and about 7,67,200 people have died. Gutares said that due to the current sanctions, the first United Nations Global Congress of Terrorism Victims has been postponed until next year.