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These Gardening Kits on Etsy Make Growing Fruits and Vegetables Easier Than Ever

Pop Sugar 2020-08-18 02:35:08

We're staying in as much as possible, and as we've been looking for new hobbies, we've been pretty curious about gardening. It's a great way to be a little more self-sufficient when it comes to our food, plus it requires some level of concentration, which helps get us out of our head. The only issue with taking up gardening is that you usually need outdoor space to plant, but now, thanks to the Etsy shop Hortiki Plants, you can create your dream garden indoors, and it couldn't be easier.

Whether you want to grow salad greens, tomatoes, or even melons, there's a gardening kit for you. Plus, there's even a kids' gardening kit, so everyone can get in on the fun, and it's a great science project for kids, especially if they're doing remote learning this year. As an added bonus, everything is under $50. Keep on reading to shop these kits!