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Becca Kufrin confuses fans with her post-breakup comments, Bachelorette star may just be on a break

Monstersand Critics 2020-08-17 21:09:55

Becca Kufrin got engaged to Garrett Yrigoyen on her season of The Bachelorette, marking a romantic end to her Bachelorette journey.

Since her season ended, Becca and Garrett have spent time together in private, removing themselves from The Bachelor franchise and the spotlight.

However, Becca started a podcast with fellow Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay, and when tensions rose after the death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers, differing views put a wedge between Becca and Garrett’s relationship.

Rachel was pro-Black Lives Matter and Becca was caught defending her fiance Garrett, who said that “all lives matter” and sided with police officers.

Earlier this summer, Becca admitted that her relationship had been tested. Rumors of a split between her and Garrett surfaced shortly afterward.

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At the time of the supposed split, Becca attacked the outlet that reported the news of the split. She questioned the source’s credibility and asked that the news outlet at least spell the names of the people involved correctly.

She didn’t confirm or deny that she and Garrett had split.

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Now, fans are wondering whether they are together. During a recent Q&A with fans, the Instagram account @bachelorteaspill was asked about the split.

The account guessed that they were probably not together, but wondered why Becca would keep shutting down reports that they had split. The account owner then guessed that maybe Becca and Garrett were taking a break to see if it would help their relationship.

Last week, Garrett got support on Instagram after the supposed split with fans saying that he was better off without Becca. Fans called her weak and said she gave in to outside pressures.

It’s no secret that Becca’s work relationship with Rachel Lindsay resulted in some tough conversations for her. After her split rumors surfaced, her friend and co-host Rachel Lindsay took blame for the break up.

Many fans thought Rachel put pressure on Becca to break up with Garrett, saying that she didn’t like him and thought that Becca was making a mistake in dating him. Rachel also called Garrett a “piece of s**t,” saying that he had doubled down on his problematic behavior.

As of right now, no one except for Becca and Garrett knows what is truly going on between them.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.