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Overweight Golden Retriever's Owner Demanded Vet Put Him Down, Luckily, He Refused (21 Pics)

Bored Panda 2020-08-17 17:38:58

It’s no secret that dogs love food. They often beg for it at the table, and who can say “no” to an adorable stare from a puppy? Well, this Golden retriever is no different. Kai was severely overfed by his previous owners. He ended up weighing about 173 lbs, which is way more than a Golden retriever should weigh—about 100 pounds more. He couldn’t move normally, let alone do simple tasks every dog should be able to do, like run and play.

Kai’s old owners decided to put him down, but the vet refused and instead took him into the shelter. Soon he was adopted by a kind-hearted woman who changed his life for the better.

This is Kai when he weighed 173 lbs

“He was a rescue surrendered to Misfits of Alberta Animal Rescue. He was taken in to be put down by his previous owners due to obesity. He was 173 lbs when he was taken in, and his mobility was very limited. He now weighs 68 lbs and is healthy and active. I fostered him then ended up keeping him,” said his owner to Bored Panda.

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds. They are very tolerant of children, which makes them the perfect family pet. They are very intelligent and loving, which makes them great at being therapy dogs. They are also very good athletes and need lots of exercise. Golden retrievers are very easy to train and are known for their obedience and loyalty.

Golden retrievers usually weigh from 55 to 75 pounds. So Kai used to be severely overweight. Good thing he found an owner that helped him get healthy again. Retrievers are known foodies. They will usually eat as much as you give them, so you have to be really careful while feeding them and measure their food.

Then he started his weight loss program

Kai’s owner Pam Heggie brought him to the vet to be closely monitored and to work out. He walked in water baths and, step by step, became a normal pooch that could do anything he wanted to.

Soon Kai was a simple, healthy dog and could do everything other dogs could

After losing 100 pounds, Kai became a certified therapy dog and started doing hospital visits. He still has a lot of love to give to people, even after he was mistreated so badly. Wouldn’t you love to be visited by this amazing doggo when you’re not feeling well?

What do you think of Kai’s journey? Tell us in the comments and send him and his wonderful owner love and support! If you’re ever considering getting a pet, please think about adoption. There are wonderful pups out there that need your love and a good home.

Here are some before and after pictures of Kai’s amazing transformation