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SecureLink extends vendor privileged access management to the cloud

betanews 2020-08-17 15:36:50

As systems move to the cloud, organizations are faced with the problem of safely managing access for third-parties and vendors.

Specialist in this field is launching a new version of its SecureLink for Enterprises platform, introducing features to expand vendor privileged access management (VPAM) capabilities to the cloud and strengthen reporting.

"Many enterprises are struggling to protect against third-party and vendor risks in a new remote environment in light of the pandemic. We are seeing an escalation in phishing and ransomware attacks, particularly in healthcare," says Rob Palermo, vice president of product and strategy at SecureLink. "SecureLink 20.2 arms companies with the tools to protect against these threats -- both on-premises, or in the cloud in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment -- with an upgraded and simplified interface."

HTTP(S) credential storage functionality has been expanded for use in cloud or web-based environments. Users can now set up credentials in SecureLink's Credential Vault tied to their desired web application. This means users will never see or need to know the credentials of web applications.

SecureLink's enhanced reporting capabilities feature a clean design and improved dashboard, filtering, scheduling, and exporting of reports. Users can now view specific objects while running a report, schedule reports to be run and shared on a recurring basis, and export information to Excel and/or CSV formats.

Other improvements include giving administrators the ability to assign least-privileged access to users, granting vendor representatives access to specific applications on request with no access to any other applications, existing roles and permissions can also be migrated smoothly during upgrades.

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