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Longing for Merchant of Venice reunion in Selama

News Summed Up 2020-08-01 05:30:00

EVEN after five decades, Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” play staged by young teachers and civil servants in Selama, Perak, still brings back golden memories to many of us who were involved in it. Selama, a small cowboy town located about 60km north of Taiping, was a quiet town in the 1960s. Tickets for the play were priced at a mere RM1 for primary school pupils and RM2 for secondary school students. On the morning of June 10,1968, the first show was staged for the primary school pupils, the second show for secondary school students and the third show was staged for the public. This amount was donated to all the primary schools and the secondary schools in Selama to help poor students purchase textbooks and stationeries.