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Chelsea FC send 'best wishes' letter to Abhishek Bachchan over COVID-19 diagnosis

DY 365 2020-08-01 12:53:09

August 1, 2020: The Chelsea Football Club has put a smile on Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan's face as the Premier League club sent a letter wishing him speedy recovery over his COVID-19 diagnosis. The actor along with his father Amitabh is presently admitted at the Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai where they are recovering from the illness.

The letter read as "Dear Abhishek, We heard you aren't very well at the moment and just wanted to get in touch to wish you all the best. I know the players and I were very moved when we heard about what you have been going through and we just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and your family in what I can imagine are difficult times. On behalf of all the players and everyone at Chelsea may I send you all our best wishes."

Back in 2009, Abhishek was presented with a Chelsea jersey, following the club's Champions League game against Barcelona.

Chelsea are now gearing up for the final against Arsenal. The two clubs have a combined 12 victories in the last 20 FA Cup finals winnings six apiece. They also have shared victories in their four meetings in major finals. Chelsea are however unbeaten aainst the Gunners in their last three games.