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Corona patient did not get ambulance, rushed to hospital on bike wearing PPE kit

News Track 2020-07-30 04:50:00

Bhopal: Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the country. More than 1.5 million people in India have been caught by the Coronavirus. Meanwhile, one such incident has come to light, which is quite frightening. A corona positive did not get an ambulance in Budhni in Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh, he himself goes to the hospital wearing a PPE kit, riding a motorcycle.

In Budhni, a young man from Hoshangabad district got his corona test done. In this investigation, he was found positive the next day. After this, the Health Department team called the young man to take the test report and send it to the COVID Center, and also gave him a PPE kit. After this, the young man waited for an ambulance to go to the COVID Center for a long time. When the ambulance did not arrive even after a long time, the young man left for the COVID Center. Anand hails from Hoshangabad was found infected in Budhni in Sehore district. He came to Budhni on Sunday giving his sample, his testing report came on Tuesday morning. After this, he was called to Budhni. When the young man reached Budhni on his bike, he was given a PPE kit.

The negligence of the health department of two districts has been revealed in the case. The young man had earlier wanted to get the corona test done in Hoshangabad district, but he was not examined there, he was forced to get the corona test done at Budhni in Sehore.  But after being found infected, the young man did not get an ambulance to go to the COVID Center. After this, the corona positive on his own bike went to the COVID Center wearing a PPE kit.