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Now Google will automatically back up your Android phone for free

Khas Khabar-English 2020-07-30 16:14:41

Google is making automatic backups available for free to Android users, whether or not they have Google One memberships. Vital data like contacts, photos, and media messages should always be available if something goes wrong. The feature will be accessible wherever Google One is an option. You now have more options if you prefer an iPhone or iPad, too. An upcoming iOS app will let you store media, contacts, and calendars with Google, including through the free 15GB of storage. This is ultimately consolidating features available through separate apps like Google Photos, but helpful if you want additional protection beyond what Apple’s iCloud offers.

Regardless of platform, you’ll have an easier time managing available backup space. Google One is getting a new storage manager in its app and website that will both illustrate how you’re using space and give you ways to make room by deleting large files, spam emails and other items that you don’t need. Naturally, Google hopes to upsell people to more expensive plans.

The Android features will reach Google Play in the “coming days,” while the iOS app will be ready “soon.” These tools are for everyday consumers, Google said, and won’t come to G Suite’s business users. Read More...