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Are you a fan of Italian cuisine? Try these 5 recipes other than pizza and pasta

MSN 2020-06-30 06:22:00

There’s no denying that Indians are obsessed with Italian food. But the majority likes to try the obvious options. Most of us resort to pasta and pizzas to satisfy the cravings. But Italian food is more than that. Of course, nothing beats the impeccable pasta and pizza dishes, but there are plenty of Italian recipes that you can toss in different flavorful sauces, veggies, meat and herbs that turn out perfect. 

Known for its simplicity and richness of flavours, Italian cuisine relies mainly on the quality of ingredients used than on the elaborate preparations. It is one of the most popular and copied cuisines all across the world. And why not? If Italian food makes you weak in the knees, then we have some lip-smacking recipes you can try. Get ready to dig into a bowl of delicious lasagna and flavorful bruschetta. 

Made with grilled bread topped with veggies, rubbed garlic and finely chopped tomatoes, this recipe is delicious. It is easy to make and is the perfect classic Italian starter to get the party started. 


Try this heavenly recipe of mushroom and spinach risotto to satisfy your taste-buds. A magnificent recipe worthy of your time and efforts. 


While ingredients may vary, but two things that always remain the same in the recipe are bread and tomatoes. This Tuscan bread salad is perfect for hot weather. 

Try this vegetable lasagna recipe layered with veggies and loads of cheese. The supremely flavorful Lasagna is the ultimate Italian comfort food you should try if you haven’t already.  


How can we forget a dessert and what’s better than tiramisu? Try this sponge fingers soaked in coffee and whipped cream for the perfect Italian dessert.