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Nara Lokesh expresses shock over Vizag gas leak, demands probe on incident

Hans India 2020-06-30 11:00:36
Nara Lokesh over Vizag gas leak

TDP national general secretary and former minister Nara Lokesh expressed shock over the gas leakage accident at the Sainor Life Sciences Pvt Ltd Pharma Company in Parawada. He said it was unfortunate that another incident occurred after the LG Polymers accident. Nara Lokesh expresses condolences to the two victims of the incident. He expressed his condolences to the families of the deceased. Lokesh urges better treatment of gas leakage victims and demanded a thorough investigation into the incident. He said the police should take immediate action and alert the people in the area.

The dead were identified as Shift Incharge Narendra and Chemist Gauri Shankar. Narender is from Tenali district of Guntur district. The causes of gas leakage are not yet known. Authorities believe the accident was due to a technical flaw.

LG Polymers Company at Venkatapuram last month reported that 12 people were killed in a styrene poison gas leakage incident. About 500 people fell ill and were admitted to hospitals. The people of the surrounding villages have not yet recovered. Seshayana Reddy committee reports that LG Polymers has several management flaws and is responsible for the same accident. According to the report, LG Polymers, MD and employees of various departments are responsible for the Styrene gas leakage.