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Know what can cause vitamin D deficiency among corona virus

The English Print 2020-06-02 20:33:02

New studies are coming out with the Corona virus. Scientists are engaged in scientific research on new viruses like Kovid-19. One study has looked at the association between corona virus and vitamin D. Researchers have found in a new study that there is a strong correlation between vitamin D deficiency and mortality from coronavirus. A research team led by Northwestern University analyzed data from hospitals and clinics in China, France, Germany, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
According to the study, patients with countries with high Kovid-19 mortality, such as Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, had lower vitamin D levels than patients in countries not severely affected. Professor Backman and his team from North Western University's Mc Cornick School of Engineering studied data from all these countries. Researchers also found a strong association between vitamin D levels and cytokine storms. Cytokine storm is a condition in which inflammation in the body increases when the immune system is over-active. The cytokine storm can severely damage the lungs. This can cause respiratory problems and death in patients.
Dr. Anurag Shahi of AIIMS says that vitamin D is very important for bone health. Some amount of vitamin D is also obtained from food. However, its main source is the sun's rays. Vitamin D is a very important vitamin for the body which affects various activities of the body. Absorption of calcium is necessary for bone health, help in the growth of cells and reduce inflammation. When exposed to sunlight, the body itself produces vitamin D from cholesterol.
Backman said that vitamin D is not only necessary for the strengthening of the immune system, but its adequate amount also prevents the immune system from becoming more active. The right amount of vitamin D can also prevent many other major diseases. However, researchers have also clarified that adequate amounts of vitamin D cannot prevent a patient from corona infection, but reduces the risk of worsening of the disease and can prevent death.
Dr. Lakshmidatta Shukla says that in addition to sunshine, vitamin D sources include milk, yellow egg yolks, tomatoes, green vegetables, turnips, limes, radishes, cabbage and paneer. Having less than the required amount of vitamin D can cause muscle cramps, bone pain, fatigue, irritability, hair loss, weak teeth, respiratory infections, difficulty in breathing.