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Pakistan- Case study of Stockholm syndrome

UNI India-English 2020-05-23 19:43:50

New Delhi, May 23 (UNI) It has often been rightly said that in Pakistan, the Army has the State.
The fact that the Generals and their clique have been at the root of Pakistan’s problems as a nation and a society, has been obscured by the spin doctors of the military.
The average Pakistani citizen, is a victim of the Stockholm syndrome, held captive yet forever in adulation of the Army, for saving him from the miseries that have been a creation of the Army itself, according to commentators.

On January 07 this year, Pakistan’s National Assembly passed bills to include provisions for extension of the retirement age of Chiefs of the Army, Navy and the Air Force as well as Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, from 60 to 64 years. Also included was a provision for the Prime Minister to recommend extension of the tenure of the Chiefs by three years to the President. Subsequently leveraging these provisions, the Government of Pakistan extended the tenure of the present Pak Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa for three years. He is now likely to retire by end 2022.

This elaborate legislative drama was the perfect cover-up for the democratic pretence continuing in Pakistan with the Army retaining a vice-like grip on the nation. Pak Army’s tryst with power started even before Pakistan declared itself a Republic with the foiled Rawalpindi Conspiracy in 1951.
In 1953, then Pak Governor General Ghulam Muhammad dismissed the government of Prime Minister Khwaja Nazimuddin despite it enjoying the support of the constituent assembly and thereafter dismissed the constituent assembly in 1954 with the support of General Ayub Khan, who subsequently in 1958 exiled Iskandar Mirza and declared himself President. Since then, the military has ruled the country directly for 40 years and by proxy for the remaining time. The Army’s dominance of the national politics and economics continues on an upward trajectory even as it leads Pakistan down the road to social and economic ruin.
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