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Old man lost his lives due to Corona in Firozabad

News Track 2020-05-23 03:50:00

Coronavirus, which has been raging continuously for many days across the country, is no longer taking the name of stopping. Every day the outbreak of this virus is increasing, due to which the human aspect has reached the brink of destruction. Due to this virus, many families are getting killed, while the infection of this virus is becoming an enemy of people's lives, millions of people are getting infected every day due to its grip.

Another corona-infected patient has died in Firozabad on Saturday. On May 22, a 72-year-old corona-positive report came out. He was admitted in isolation ward. He died early Saturday. In the district, now the death toll of corona infected has increased to six. 10 members of the deceased's family have already been quarantined.

232 new corona positive patients were reported in UP on Friday, there was a stir in the health department due to 43 patients coming together in Jaunpur. The total number of patients had increased to 5735 by Friday. Of these, 2259 were active patients, while 3324 had been discharged. 152 patients have died.