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Britain Southampton University doing corona vaccine trial on 10 thousand volunteers

News Track 2020-05-23 03:47:00

New Delhi: Science has its own problems in the war with Corona. Like the time taken in any clinical trial, but now to reduce this time, work is going on in this direction by increasing the number of samples ie Volunteers. For this, an army of 10,000 corona commandos is being prepared, which together will do all the work of corona.

The news of the elimination of Corona may come from Britain anytime. Researchers at Southampton University have started recruiting 10,000 volunteers for clinical trials, whose effects will be seen using the medicine on their bodies. Work on this medicine is going on since the beginning of this year i.e. January. The good thing is that everything has been right since the beginning and this medicine has shown a very good effect on a chimpanzee, after which its trial is going to start on humans. To reduce the time of this trial, so this trial will be done on more than ten thousand people.

The good thing is that the results of the first phase have been very impressive, after which the floor has started to appear in the battle with Corona. The confidence of scientists shows that they can be successful soon. Work began on the vaccine in January, using chimpanzee-derived viruses and is the same drug developed by the Jenner Institute of the University of Oxford and the Oxford Vaccine Group.