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Ranbir Kapoor cuts Alia Bhatt's hair, Karan Johar reveals

News Track 2020-05-23 10:20:00

At this time, the coronavirus is wreaking havoc everywhere. This is why people are imprisoned in their homes. Amidst the lockdown, actress Alia Bhatt recently shared a photo from her Instagram account. She had shared the photo of her new look which we showed you. In that photo, the actress was seen taking a mirror selfie in the gym. The hair of actress Alia Bhatt was also seen cut off in the photo.

Now people are commenting a lot on this photo of Alia Bhatt and giving their feedback. The actress had also told in the past that her hair cut has been done by the person she loves. She did not disclose the name of that person at that time, but filmmaker Karan Johar exposed this secret. During a live session on Instagram, Karan revealed that Alia's boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor has recently done her haircut. During the live chat session, a social media user asked this question. Karan said, "Alia is my daughter and she is very happy in lockdown, recently Ranbir has done her haircut."

Till now many actresses, from Anushka Sharma to Rajkummar Rao's girlfriend Patralekha, are getting their haircuts at home, which we have already shown you.