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‘Schools will reopen only when health authorities approve’

Daily News 2020-05-23 03:10:42

The decision to reopen schools will only be made with full consideration and confirmation from health authorities in light of the prevailing situation in the country over the spread of COVID-19, Education Minister Dullas Allahaperuma addressing a meeting at the Matara District Secretariat said recently. “Schools with less than 200 students would be provided with Rs. 300,000, so that they could purchase any equipment that they would need once the school reopens,” he said.  

The Education Minister urged everyone, including political parties, not to instill fear in parents and the public by spreading rumors and disinformation pertaining to the exposure of schoolchildren to the risks of COVID-19, stating that schools will only be reopened once health authorities have consented.  The Minister added that all schools will need to have temperature measuring equipment, sinks set up for hand washing and in the event that the school has a huge number of students, they may need to have an ambulance as well.