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This country is called 'sick man of Europe', know its history

News Track 2020-05-21 08:12:00

Turkey is a very beautiful country, located in Eurasia. Eurasia is a geographical plot, made up of continents of Europe and Asia. Some of this country falls in Europe and most of it in Asia. That is why it is also called the 'bridge' between Europe and Asia. Turkey is also called 'Sick man of Europe' or 'Patient of Europe'. There is a very interesting history behind it. So let's know why Turkey has got such a strange name.

The history of Turkey is very old. The settlement and re-migration of the Greeks before Christ and the emergence of the Ottoman race from 800–1400 after Christ is the major written event in Turkish history. The 'Battle of Troy' described in Homer's Odyssey is also believed to have taken place around 1200 BCE between the inhabitants of Troy on the west coast of Turkey and the kingdoms settled on the Greek islands.

Turkey has been under several empires in the past. In 530 BCE it became part of the Persian Empire of Iran and for many years it was divided into Greek and Iranian empires due to conflict by the Greeks. In 330 BC, then Turkey came under the Greek (Macedoni) empire of Alexander the Great and later it also became part of the Roman Empire and the Sasani Empire. Islam was propagated here after the end of the Sasani Empire (635 AD) and then the Aughuz, Saljuq and Usmani Turks converted to Sunni Islam. By the 16th century, the Ottoman or Ottoman Empire (Osmani Empire) had taken control of the whole of Turkey. Until the 18th century, this empire was very large and remained powerful, but later the luxuriant tendency of the Turkish Sultans and the persecution of the people also became the cause of the collapse of this vast empire. The tyranny of the Ottoman sultans increased so much that the people living here gradually began to agitate for their freedom. This led to the weakening of the Ottoman Empire. In the 19th century, the process of the decline of this empire continued continuously and then gradually the condition of Turkey became so bad that it came to be called 'sick man of Europe'.