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Former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard's dead body found on California's Venice Beach

News Track 2020-05-21 04:59:00

Former WWE professional wrestler, Shed Gespard, has died. On Sunday, Gaspard went missing in the sea and now 3 days later his body is found on Venice Beach. Gaspard accompanied his son to the coast of South California. While swimming, he and his 10-year-old son Areh were hit by the sea. Gaspard's son was saved by the life guards, but he could not save this former wrestler. Gaspard suddenly disappeared amidst strong waves and after that his search was on for the last three days. On this incident with Gaspard, the police had said that at the time when this incident happened, he was 46 meters away from the coast. If he had passed, he could have been saved.

Gaspard was very popular because of WWE. He was also a kick boxer. In WWE he used to play in the tag team with Crime Time and JTG. In 2010, Gaspard retired. After this he did small roles in TV and films.

After the disappearance of Shed Gaspard, WWE all-star wrestlers such as Vince Mickman, The Rock, Goldberg, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, MVP, Mick Foley prayed for his escape, but that did not happen. Gaspard left the world at the age of 39.