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Blindfolded Kid Does Kick-Ups While Skipping In Wonderful Video, watch it here

News Track 2020-05-21 04:21:00

Videos are often viral on social media. Recently, a video of a child is going viral on social media. He has shown such a feat that you cannot even think. Yes indeed, the child is jumping the rope by blindfolding. And yes, during this time he is constantly bouncing a football on his feet. Seeing this amazing thing, the public has become a fan.

Let us tell you that this video has been shared by 'Football Club Barcelona' on Twitter. He wrote in the caption, "Ok baby game is over, you win." The video has so far received 1 lakh 34 thousand views and 11. 5 thousand likes. Many people have read ballads in praise of the child.

Talking about this video then there is a child in it who is bouncing the football on his feet alternately. But he is doing this by jumping rope. And yes, the blindfold is also tied. Can you do this? By the way, jumping the rope with blindfold is a big deal for yourself! Most people are praising it. At the same time, we are saying that we do not even get a rope and it is doing this by blindfolding at such a young age. Awesome boy!

— FC Barcelona (from ) (@FCBarcelona) May 20, 2020