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7.4 million views on funny video review of flat

Newsheads 2020-05-21 08:29:20
7.4 million views on funny video review of flat

New Delhi : An actor who has been asked to vacate the flat from his owner has made a hilarious video review of the apartment probably to ensure new tenants approve it only if they are ok with all the downsides attached.

Scottish actor Sandy Batchelor, annoyed at being asked by his letting agent to create a video of the flat for prospective tenants, took revenge in the funniest way possible - by pointing out all the faults in the place in his video.

In about three days, the video has fetched around 7.4 million views.

The video begins inside the apartment's living space as Mr Batchelor says, "This is the living room and all this is coming with us, as the flat comes unfurnished."

He then provides a glimpse of the bins kept outside the window and the shelves that must have been put in by someone drunk before moving onto the dryer - which isn't really one unless you like your clothes "still wet and smelling a bit funny". 

Throughout his walkthrough, hilarious signs pepper the video warning people "you will hate it here" and "there's a ghost".

Our letting agent asked us to make a video of the flat we are basically being forced out of. I wish them the very best of luck.

— Sandy Batchelor (@sandybatchelor) May 17, 2020

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