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Hyderabad: ORR open to traffic from 7am to 7pm

Hans India 2020-05-21 01:44:08
ORR open to traffic from 7am to 7pm in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: With the State coming out of the lockdown syndrome and bustling with activity sometimes throwing caution to winds, the Telangana government decided to permit movement of traffic on the Outer Ring Road between 7 am and 7 pm from Thursday. The government hopes that this will ease the traffic movement.

The authorities have asked the officials to take steps for safety of the toll gate staff. They have suggested to the vehicle owners to go for digital payments as the Fastag facility would be available at the toll gates. In the past the Fastag proved to be leading to slowdown of the traffic as the toll gates were not fully equipped for ensuring smooth flow. It now remains to be seen if the toll gates will be able to see that the traffic flow does not get affected.

According to officials, as per the latest lockdown orders (GO 68) only heavy vehicles would be allowed to move round the clock. Certain prohibited vehicles, including autos, two wheelers, pedestrians, bicycles, goods vehicles carrying passengers, etc, will not be permitted.

The official said that the small/light vehicles, including cars, small goods vehicles, etc, will not be allowed on the ORR during night-time (curfew time) between 7 pm to 7 am.

Cyberabad Traffic DCP SM Vijay Kumar said that the speed limits on the ORR should be followed by all road users without fail. The maximum speed limit on the ORR first two lanes (right hand side lanes adjacent to central median) is 100 kmph and these lanes are meant for fast moving vehicles (cars). The maximum speed limit on the left two lanes is 80 kmph and mostly meant for slow moving heavy vehicles.

The goods vehicles carrying passengers would not be allowed to move on the ORR and such vehicles would be stopped and handed over to the local police for legal action.

The traffic police have advised the motorists to follow the speed limit and lane rules strictly apart for other traffic rules for safe journey. The over speeding enforcement based on Speed Laser Gun capturing will continue on the ORR as usual.