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Gujarat: Senior govt official land in trouble after he allegedly posts obscene content on WhatsApp

Catch News 2020-05-17 00:00:00

A senior government official landed in trouble after he allegedly posted obscene content on a WhatsApp group comprising his colleagues and juniors. The incident happened on Thusrday.

The government official is a retired IAS who is presently working with the government. The WhatsApp group on which he shared the pictures had serving and retired ISA officials.

On Thursday, the official shared his nude images on the group along with some other inappropriate content. The members of the group, all IAS officers termed the posts ‘distasteful’ as they expressed shock over the content shared.

The shocked and irked members of the group kept talking about the nature of the contant till Friday. While the ISA officers expressed their dislike over the contant. The official who shared the pictures did not react.

The official was allegedly unaware of the fact that he had shared inappropriate images on the group. The senior official came to know about his mistake only after he was called and informed about it . Following the call, the official removed the posts from the WhatsApp group.

One of the member of the group told TOI, "This group is meant for sharing information only. Nobody shares personal content on the group. " The member stated that most of members in the group were shocked after seeing the pictures posted by the official. The member further stated that a women retired IAS officer said that the content shared on the group was ‘unacceptable’ after which most of the members started expressing their disapproval.

The incident was also brought to the notice of the Chief Minister of the state on Friday. However, the CM’s office didn’t take any action against the official.

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