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Pre Wedding Photoshoot: Follow THESE tips to get a perfect & dreamy pre wedding photo album

Pinkvilla 2020-03-25 20:19:26

Before you plan your pre-wedding photoshoot, look at these tips to make a perfect and memorable photo album.

A pre-wedding photo shoot is kind of inseparable part of weddings. The same has gained popularity in recent years. Earlier wedding photography was only meant to cover engagement, wedding and reception but now couples cherish the relationship before they get hitched and capture them in pictures. Going to different exotic locations, taking photos in innovative styles, adding best tracks with them, the photographer has to look at all these things to make shoot a perfect one.

After all, you are going to share the moments with your friends and family so it has to be special and perfect. So, before the moment comes, you should take care of certain things that will help you to have the most perfect and memorable pre-wedding photoshoot. Of course, you don't want to try that same old and typical patterns for your pre-wedding photography. So, always look for something different and innovative. Though your photographer will be there to guide you, do some research on your part as well to make it perfect. Check out some points on your focus which you should take care of before the shoot.

These are the tips to follow to have the most perfect pre-wedding photo shoot

Hire a good photographer
We all know that for best pictures first, we need the best photographer. Check all of his work samples properly and if the samples grab your attention then book his or her dates. Also, the comfort level and ease of communication play a vital role in choosing your wedding photographer.

Don't follow the typical patterns
Doing a pre-wedding photoshoot doesn't mean that you have to follow that same old cliched poses and styles. Go creative and try different innovative things. Take some ideas from your photographer and try some of your own as well. You can also do some online research for a creative pre-wedding photoshoot. You have to showcase the love which has bounded you two.

Shoot in different locations
Trying different locations will help to have pictures with a beautiful background. They will enhance the captured situation. Try some places which are memorable to both of you like college gates, the university library etc. It will also make the photoshoot more creative.

Essential things to carry
Don't shoot with the same clothes. Change them according to the locations; so you have to be prepared for them. You can try to revive the old days by dressing in a way you did on the very first day when you two met. Also, carry some props that will add a personal touch to the photos like some gifts which you two gave to each other. Just have fun during the photoshoot to cherish your love and express it through photography to make it lively, perfect and memorable.