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Coronavirus Lockdown: 7 Tips to maintain your relationship while staying quarantined

Pinkvilla 2020-03-25 20:19:20

Staying isolated inside your home with your partner might seem like a fun idea but it's not so much fun when the stress starts to get to you and starts affecting your relationship. But some easy tips can help you live peacefully with your partner during coronavirus lockdown.

Most of us are happy that we get to spend time with our partner during the home quarantine due to the coronavirus outbreak which has led to a complete lockdown in the country. While we're trying to contain this contagious disease by staying isolated and quarantined at home and prevent it from spreading further, being at home also has downsides. It can be very boring to stay locked inside the walls of your home and the coronavirus pandemic is also stressing us out which can often cause a lot of trouble in our home life. Spending too much time with your partner can also be harmful to your relationship. This can often lead to numerous interpersonal problems and make it very difficult to keep your head above the waters and save your relationship from trouble. This is why we all need to find ways to keep peace and maintain our relationship with our partner during this tough time.


Here are tips to prevent your relationship from getting destroyed while you're home quarantine.

1. Space is very important in every relationship. In order to avoid relationship problems, we all need to take some time and focus on ourselves and our individualities. Spend some alone time with yourself and learn to enjoy your own company.

2. Learn to communicate better. Being trapped together with so much stress can make couples want to rip each other's throats out but we suggest you spend this time finding more effective ways to communicate with each other.

3. People tend to lose their minds when they don't have a schedule to get them through the day. Even if you're not working from home, try to maintain a fixed schedule to keep yourself busy throughout the day.

4. Try to get some fresh air every now and then. Staying at home, quarantined, does not mean that you cannot step out in your balcony for a bit or sit near the window to get some fresh air.

5. Spend some time in social interaction. You cannot meet people and go out to public places but you can video call you friends and family and interact with them. You can also play games together online.

6. You can always use your spare time to learn a few new things together and share household chores. Cook your meals together in the kitchen and you might end up cooking some romance too.

7. Indulge in some fun activities like playing games and solving puzzles and watch series together or redecorate your home or read books and listen to some music and you could also dance or workout together.