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Five Seriously Cool Cars With The Coolest Rear Wings

Motoroids 2020-03-24 16:57:03

Most aftermarket jobs of the racy kind involve fitting a massive wing at the back of a car to make it appear faster than it actually is. However, aerodynamics play a big part when the amount of air a vehicle has to cut through increases and cars which can attain serious speeds need this fitment to keep those four wheels glued to the ground. Here are some of the coolest cars which have been fitted with rear wings and flaps which are twice as cool:

Zenvo TSR-S

When it was introduced, the LaFerrari reeked of all the brightness which haloes around the World’s most desirable car brand. The active aero on this Italian includes an active rear wing, active flaps in the rear diffuser, guide fins in the underbody and flaps in the front diffuser. All these bits work in harmony to either help the car go faster or stop like God decided to put a finger on it.