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Screenwriter Kanika Dhillon opened industry's big secret, "I got sexual offers earlier in my career"

News Track 2020-03-13 11:20:00

Screenwriter Kanika Dhillon, known for her writing in Bollywood, recently said that 'she used to get sexual offers early in her career and had to face harassment early in her career'. Kanika, who wrote the screenplay of the film Guilty, recently said in a conversation with a website that 'there was a time when she had made up her mind to leave Bollywood'.

She talked to a website and during this time she said, "Forget the pay-check, there was a time when I wanted to leave the industry. I was humiliated, I was made to feel that since I look good, I have a place in the industry. He further said that I was made to feel that my talent has no value. That is why I worked hard, since what happened to me, I had promised myself that to be successful in this industry, and today I am one of the highest-grossing screenwriters in the industry."

She further said, "Throughout the world and especially in our country, men are not comfortable that a woman has climbed the stairs of success with the help of her talent. Somewhere they feel that women reach the top position by having a physical relationship with their boss or a similar person. I think that men who do such things, really like to do this. 

She feels that it is perfectly right to do so and through this they underestimate the achievements of other women and women have to face such judgments all over the world. Men who judge women are very scared and insecure." Kanika has recently written the screenplay of the film 'Guilty' along with Atika Chauhan and director Ruchi Narayan along with Kiara Advani who played the main character in that film.