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Mahhi Vij Reaches The Police Station Challenging Troll Who Threatened To Rape Her Mother

News Track 2020-03-13 10:58:00

Mahi Vij, the very best TV actress, is speaking openly these days. She is the wife of Jai Bhanushali, the finest actor and host of TV. Both of them arrived in an episode of Colors show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. There Jai Bhanushali asked the contestants to complain about Paras and Shahnaz. After that when a female contestant started complaining against Paras Chhabra, Paras Chhabra said something that Mahi Vij and Jai did not like.

Indeed, whatever happened during this time, Mahi Vij on Twitter advised Paras Chhabra to learn how to respect girls with Jai. Along with this, Jai has also tweeted separately against Paras. As you can see, many users have commented on these tweets about their daughter. Mahi Vij got angry after the name of the daughter was dragged into the controversy and she took a fierce class of trolls on Twitter. To this, Mahi wrote, 'Do not bring my daughter in between. If you have the strength, then come forward or stop barking. Damn to you and your families who gave birth to poor people like you. ' With this, Mahi told in a conversation that 'a user wrote that,' I will rape your mother '.

She got very angry and threatened the troll and wrote that if he has the strength, he will meet him at Oshiwara police station. Mahi then reached the police station directly after this and on this matter, Mahi told that 'he waited for an hour at Oshiwara police station, but he did not come'. With this, she said, 'he had deleted all her tweets as well and due to this I could not even file a complaint on cyber cell'.