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H.S. Hoops Player Suffered Severe Concussion After Hair-Pulling Incident, Dad Claims

TMZ 2020-02-13 22:40:23

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The Ohio H.S. basketball player who had her hair pulled and hit her head during a game suffered a severe concussion and may not step on the court again ... this according to the player's dad.

As we previously reported ... the incident went down during the first quarter of the Bellevue and Norwalk basketball game on Saturday ... when a Lady Red senior guard grabbed and pulled her defender's hair after attempting a 3-pointer.

The Bellevue player was not called for a foul during the game ... but was later suspended one game for her actions.


Now, the Norwalk player's dad is speaking out on the incident ... saying his daughter is still recovering with a severe concussion and needs a brain scan to make sure there isn't any internal bleeding. He claims his daughter is experiencing neck pain, a headache and blurred vision.

The father makes it clear the player and her family have reached out and apologized for the incident, and have plans to meet face-to-face.

The dad says his daughter -- despite her condition -- does not want the Bellevue player's career ruined because of the hair-pulling ... as she has committed to play Div. 1 ball at Kent State next season.

The player released a statement of her own on Twitter, saying "My intentions were never to hurt anyone."

"I know it's brought a lot of negative attention to our area and the game I love. I will learn from this and become a better person because of it."