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PM Modi's big announcement, 'Challenges before a country with' emerging economy ... '

News Track 2020-02-13 09:02:00

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, that previous governments avoided any tampering in the country's tax system, but the current government is making it more citizen-centric. They did that to pay their dues for the development of the country. Addressing the conference of an English news channel, the Prime Minister said that some people always find the way to tax evasion and honest people have to suffer its consequences.

According to the information received, he said that it was unbelievable that only 2,200 people in the country had declared their income of one crore rupees annually. Modi said that for the first time a government focused on small cities to promote economic development. The Prime Minister said that the Union Budget will help in achieving the target of economy of five trillion dollars.

PM Modi said that it is also right in the midst of these efforts that the challenges facing the 'emerging economy' country like India are more. There are also ups and downs and the impact of global conditions has to be suffered.

It is also being said that PM Modi said that these changes happening in the country have infused new energy at every level of the society, filling it with confidence. Today the poor of the country are feeling confident that they can improve their standard of living, can overcome their poverty. Regarding the youth, PM Modi said that the youngest country in the world is now in the mood to play fast. The century of decisions that the government has made in just 8 months is unprecedented. You will feel good that you will be proud that India has taken such fast decisions and has done so fast.