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Elizabeth Hurley says she’s too old to wear bikini in public

Shillong Times 2020-02-10 14:54:28

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Actress Elizabeth Hurley, 54, says she is “too old” to wear a bikini in public. “Most people are fine lying down, but when they stand up they want to cover up, including me,” she said during a podcast, reports a website. “I like to cover up a lot. I certainly wouldn’t walk round a public beach parading in a bikini anymore. I’m much too old. But, privately, of course,” she added. However, just two weeks ago, the actress posted a photo on Instagram clad in a red bikini, sitting beside a swimming pool. Before that, she had also posted a photo in a leopard print bikini. She has also previously revealed her many bikini photos on holiday taken by her son Damien, 17. (IANS)

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