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Seer Demands Bigger Cabinet Pie for Lingayats from BSY, K'taka CM Asks Him to Not Issue Threats

NYOOOZ 2020-01-14 05:30:00

An outraged Yediyurappa got up from his seat next to the seer on the dais and said he would leave if the seer would make such statements.
“You must give at least four ministries to members of the Panchamashali sub-sect, considering that this community has solidly backed you from the beginning.
From the time this community has existed, he has been a pillar of support,” the seer said at the gathering.
That was when an upset Yediyurappa got up from his seat and asked him not to issue threats, but only dispense advice.
Let the seer or anyone else give me advice, I will speak to them one-on-one.