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Day 105 -- Asim and Shehnaz plummet, and Sidharth regains Showters’ Choice Bigg Boss Contestant of the Day

Telly Chakkar 2020-01-14 18:19:00


1. Shehnaz apologized to Salman. Salman told Shehnaz that Bigg Boss wouldn’t tolerate her misbehavior. Salman called Shehnaz a “spoilt child” and advised her to “grow up” (No Showts for Shehnaz, Yes Showts for Salman)

2. Salman and the Housemates celebrated the success of Season 13 by eating cake. Salman congratulated the Housemates for entertaining the viewers (Yes Showts for Salman and all the Housemates)

3. Salman told that there wouldn’t be an eviction this week and that all the Housemates are nominated for next week’s eviction (Yes Showts for Salman, No Showts for the Housemates)

4. Shehnaz ignored the Housemates. Vishal joked to Paras that Vishal felt as if Shehnaz’s been evicted. Paras and Vishal laughed at Shehnaz and called her a “drama queen” (No Showts for all three)

5. Shehnaz confessed to Sid that she loves him. Shehnaz told Sid that she’s in the House to “win him.” Sid said that he was disappointed with Shehnaz’s “immaturity” (No Showts for Shehnaz, Yes Showts to Sid)

6. House Guest Hina Khan revealed that the winner of the BB Elite Club Task will win immunity for the next week. Hina asked Shehnaz and Asim to convince her why they should win the Task.

Sid reprimanded Shehnaz for yelling at Salman.

Shehnaz was hurt when everyone called her “jealous.” Shehnaz stopped talking to Sid and the rest of the Housemates. Shehnaz moved her bed to the garden area and sat there all day.

Sid was worried that Shehnaz didn’t eat. Sid offered Shehnaz a bowl full of chicken. When Shehnaz refused to eat Sid asked her to “stop acting crazy.”

What do you think about these Bigg Boss Showtees ?

Sid tried to speak to Shehnaz but she kept ignoring him.

Sid told Aarti that he “tried everything” and Shehnaz wasn’t understanding him.

Showters liked it when Sid cared for Shehnaz. Sid’s Yes Showts skyrocketed from 64% to 75%. This is Sid’s biggest single-day increase. His previous largest single-day increase was on Day 69. Sid’s Yes Showts rose from 76% to 84% when Sid told Salman that he wants to win Bigg Boss.

Sid won Day 104’s TellyChakkar Showters’ Choice Bigg Boss Contestant of the Day.


Asim and Shehnaz competed to win the BB Elite Club Task.

When House Guest Hina Khan asked Asim why he should win the Task, Asim told Hina that Shehnaz is a “flipper” because she keeps switching teams between Rashami and Sid but Asim has always been loyal to his friends.

Aarti disagreed with Asim and accused him of “playing games” with Shefali Zariwala. Aarti said that Asim shifted his loyalties from Shefali to Rashami after the Rashami-Sid fight to gain “visibility.”

Asim’s Yes Showts slumped from 74% to 53%. This is Asim’s second-biggest single-day drop. Asim’s Yes Showts had dropped from 66% to 42% on Day 95 when he had made Mahira cry.


Shefali Zariwala told Aarti that she was disgusted with Shehnaz’s behavior.

Aarti told Shefali that Shehnaz is still a “kid” and that Shefali shouldn’t “judge” Shehnaz. Shefali disagreed with Aarti and said that Mahira, the youngest contestant in the House, knows her “manners” but Shehnaz is a “spoilt brat.”

Showters stayed negative on Shehnaz. Shehnaz’s Yes Showts dropped from 53% to 42%.


The Housemates struggled to do their chores in the absence of a House Captain.

Shefali asked Madhurima to wash the dishes. Madhurima told Shefali that Madhurima would need a partner for help. Shefali got angry at Madhurima and called her “lazy.” Madhurima fought with Shefali and called her a “loser.”

When Vishal offered to help Madhurima, she criticized him and called him an “attention-seeker.”

Madhurima’s Yes Showts went from 20% to 18%.

Mahira got angry at Paras for hugging her. Mahira asked Paras to not embarrass her as her family would not like to see Mahira and Paras getting close.

Paras confronted Mahira and called her a “liar.” Paras told Mahira that she “likes it” when he hugs her.

Aarti and Shefali agreed with Paras and said that Mahira was lying.

Mahira’s Yes Showts decreased from 26% to 22%.

Aarti was worried about Shehnaz when Shehnaz refused to eat.

Paras asked Aarti to not “pamper” Shehnaz. Paras said that the Housemates should punish Shehnaz for throwing tantrums.

Aarti criticized Paras and said that he wouldn’t understand Shehnaz’s feelings.

Paras’ Yes Showts decreased from 27% to 23%. This is Paras’ lowest Yes Showts ever.

In a promo video released by Colors, most of the Housemates tell House Guest Hina Khan that Asim deserves to win the BB Elite Club Membership. Who will win the Task?

Shehnaz calls Vishal a “weak” contestant and Vishal confronts her. Shehnaz tells that she wouldn’t talk to Vishal anymore. Will Shehnaz and Vishal break their friendship?

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