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Sameer Mark And Aarohi Nanda Mark Their New Year Release With Perfect Time Pictures

The India Print 2020-01-14 18:21:57

Kumar Abhishek is ready for his upcoming album "Aao Na" which goes to release under its recently launched banner Perfect Picture Times. Social Media sensation Sameer Mark are going to be seen within the lead with opposite Aarohi Nanda who is making the debut with this album.

Talking about the banner, producer Kumar Abhishek says," I even have recently launched my banner Perfect Time Pictures and every one the marketing and promotions of the album are going to be done under the banner.

Further Talking about the song Kumar Abhishek says, "We shot the songs in Kajrat locals. we'd like to depict the loneliness as our story of the only revolves round the separation- both the lovers are separated and that they are now feeling the pangs of separation and for that, i think Kajrat is that the perfect destination which matches well with the aura of the song. The song requires tons of peace and serene environment to elucidate their emotions and Kajrat is that the perfect place for an equivalent ."

This soul-stirring number has been penned by Aayush Soni and also rendered by him and Prakriti Kakar. it's set to tune by composers Shivam Chaurasia and Chandan Saxena. the only is directed by Ravi Sharma who was previously related to well-known directors Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru has directed this single.

The single is totally supported the heartbreaks and pain that two people need to face who were completely crazy with one another once. With its amazing lyrics and outstanding music, this song is certain getting to string the chords with the listeners.

Kumar Abhishek is additionally producing a feature titled "Coat" starring Vivaan Shah, Sanjay Mishra and Naseeruddin Shah. This film will release after the discharge of the song " Aao Na".