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BTS: Here's a video of Jungkook eating ice creams but it's not the K Pop singer that you should focus on

Pinkvilla 2020-01-14 18:09:45

BTS' YouTube channel BangtanTV dropped a new video this week featuring Jungkook. While Kookie left fans gushing, a new update to the video has the ARMY celebrating.

It felt like it was yet another day for the ARMY as they were treated to a new video from BTS. However, little did anyone know that Big Hit Entertainment was going to surprise them. The K-Pop band dropped a new video featuring Jungkook on its YouTube channel, BangtanTV. The video features all the band members but the focus was on Kookie, who was trying numerous ice creams. The adorable BTS singer was winning hearts with his reactions to each variant of ice cream. 

While the singer left fans gushing, it is the subtitles on the video that caught everyone's attention. Big Hit rolled out the video with English subtitles for the first time. Why is this big? Because the ARMY has been begging the entertainment managing company to release videos with subtitles. The YouTube channel has been live since December 2012. While the channel gives interesting behind-the-scenes information about BTS, the band spoke in Korean (for obvious reasons) and non-Korean speaking ARMY would reach out to fellow members seeking translation. 

The inconvenience led to non-Korean speaking fans to beg for subtitles. Big Hits finally gave in and decided to gift the sweet surprise in the first month of 2020. 

Check out the video below: 

BTS has been preparing to drop their new album Map of the Soul: 7. The K-Pop band is making its highly-anticipated comeback on February 21. BTS has already set the ball rolling with the release of the comeback trailer, Interlude: Shadow. The music video featured Suga at the forefront. 

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