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Tesla company challenges hackers, Know complete information

News Track 2020-01-14 12:12:00

The popular Tesla company has given a special challenge. It has challenged hackers to give a special prize to bug-seekers in their connected car. Recently there were reports that your activities are being monitored through internet-connected cars. In the coming times, 100% of Ford, GM, and BMW cars are coming with internet connectivity. Going to organize a special competition.

The annual competition is named "Pwn20wn". Only hackers will be able to participate in this competition. The winner of this competition will be awarded Tesla's world famous electric car Model 3, which is worth 74 lakh rupees. 7 crore rupees will be given to the car.

The carmaker Tesla says that this competition is a test, which helps improve the security system. In this competition, hackers also showed how the Tesla Model was hacked into a wrong lane through an "adversarial attack". Tesla company manufactures self-driving cars that do not require a driver. With the help of car assist features and sensors, it run in a fixed lane.