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Trending in TN: Woman sends image of ‘flat’ tyre, pet dog honking car and toddler returning discarded plastic bottle

DTNext 2020-01-13 12:09:54

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Chennai: Woman sends image of ‘flat’ tyre to boss to take a day off from work, gets trolled
Monday morning blues apart, there are other days when we would not feel like going to work but there wouldn’t be any valid excuse whatsoever. However, a woman who wanted to take a day off from work, tried her luck by sending her manager a picture of her car with a ‘flat’ tyre, but instead of being granted a leave, her excuse went viral, leaving Twitterati in splits. A co-worker shared the image online stating, “I need everyone to stop what they’re doing and zoom in to the nail in the picture she sent my boss.”
Netizens were quick to point the picture being fake, with a nail rather seemingly being stuck to the wheel. A few even posted images of damaged cars, urging the woman to use them the next time she needed an excuse.