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Shefali's husband once again raged on Paras Chhabra, said: "Let me go inside the house for 2 days..."

News Track 2019-12-03 05:20:00

High voltage drama is being seen in Big Boss these days. In such a situation, the show has been extended for a month and the day of Paras and Shefali in the show, there is a fight over something that people like very much. In this way, in the past episodes of the show, Paras called Shefali as old and her husband Parag Tyagi did not like Shefali to be an old man and at this time he is very angry. During a conversation recently, he said angrily- 'It is high time when Paras used such words for Shefali. He feels that he is running the show. Paras said that keep those contestants who are running the show. Is he questioning the credibility of Bigg Boss?

Moving forward with this, he said - 'This is nonsense. Shefali is 34 and he is 31. His dirty thinking is visible. He does not respect any girl. He abuses in front of girls. He does not even realize what he is doing. I think he needs medical help. If Paras will call my wife old while she is only 34 then she is also old. Because my wife is 34 and Paras is 31. He is only 3 years younger than Shefali. Does he consider himself a child? '

Further, he said- 'I think Paras is feeling insured from Shefali. Shefali is playing well and is knocking her down from the top 5 and taking her place. Hats off for the way my wife handled it. She can handle people like Paras very well. She has handled bad cases earlier than Paras. If there is pride in a person, then it is very bad. Even the most learned people could not stand here when they are overconfident. Take the case of Ravana only. Paras is a small mosquito in front of Ravana. If I get permission to go inside the house, I will show Paras his place. I am praying to God that I get a chance to go indoors for 2 days. Talking further with this, Parag said- 'Whereas my wife will come, I will show the person in front of her well. Paras is a drain worm. The way Paras treated Shefali, nobody can".